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R Square consulting was set up in 2013 with the idea of providing customised solutions to organizations.A large majority of HR consulting companies tend to have standard solutions and designs which at times do not cater for the unique business realities and organization culture of the client organization. R Square consulting provides customised solutions for Leadership and Organizational development interventions,Assessment and developmental centres,managerial capability building interventions and Executive coaching.

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The HR Audit process

In the last blog, I had written about what an HR audit is and why is it important for organizations to have an HR audit conducted periodically. In this blog, I am going to write about how the HR audit is conducted as well as its various phases. While there are various ways of conducting […]


The essence of executive coaching: The mental side of coaching

In my last blog I had talked about how great coaches help you move from “Good to great” by at times not helping you and letting you fail. With each failure you learn something about yourself, about how you react in a given situation and then learn to deal with all the issues which caused […]


The Art of winning: How does an executive coach help you reach peak performance

In my last blog I had written about the value that a good executive coach brings to the coaching engagement. I had used the example of the change in the results achieved by Novak Djokovic since the time he hired Boris Becker to be his coach. I had talked about the fact that most high […]

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“Colonel Prakash and Rajiv are fabulous trainers and have extensive knowledge of delivering experiential learning programs. Both of them come from an army background, this is an added advantage as their approach is regimented but they have an uncanny knack to sense the pulse and make necessary changes to cater to the mood in the audience and keep them engaged, without compromising on the content. The program was designed well and there was a clear plan/structure to achieve overall business objectives by engaging all the participants and getting their full buy into the goals for the year. There was high energy throughout the program and all the participants were inspired and encouraged to think outside the box. Both Rajiv and Col are experts in bringing out the best in the participants and created an environment where everyone felt comfortable and did not necessarily work too much about the hierarchy and worked cohesively as a team.

Overall I think the program brought the entire group together, we understanding one another much better now and are committed to work together towards achieving common goals and rasing the bar. Finally the confidence levels in the group are very high after the program and they are geared to achieve any challenge thrown at them.

Thanks very much Colonel Prakash and Rajiv for the program and all the very best for all future endeavours”

Director of a MNC company

Small to mid-size companies need professional help in setting up HR systems that are in line with the most professionally run companies in the world. Very few HR professionals, I have come across, are able to understand the details of an end to end HR process and Rajiv is one such professional who has added a lot of value in setting up these systems in my company which has made a big difference to both the company as well as the employees. Good Job Rajiv and thank you.

Hemant Apte CEO

I had a chance to work with Rajiv Misra in one of my previous organizations where I was managing the Learning & Development function for PAN India employees. Rajiv delivered various training sessions for our employees like Managerial Effectiveness, Effective Communication, Stress Management, Managing performance, building and leading teams. The trainings were energizing, bringing in lots of ideas, with both substantial and in-depth knowledge together with case studies, learning from experience and being practice-oriented. Well-balanced composition of participants, which contributed to interesting and focused discussions and exchanges. The materials, training & facilitation were very good and I would recommend these trainings to all organizations.

Nalini Prasad Manager, Human Resources (APJ)




Executive coaching ( Hours )
Leadership development ( Programs )
Flexi HR ( Engagements )

Flexi HR for SME’s

High impact on organization performance through HR practices

  • a. Organizational structure and clear channels of reporting
  • b. Policies and processes
  • c. Recruitment processes
  • d. Performance management system
  • e. Training and development
  • f. Compensation and benefits
  • g. Transparent promotion policy
  • h. Succession management
Organizational structure and clear channels of reporting
Policies and processes
Recruitment processes
Performance management system
Training and development
Compensation and benefits
Transparent promotion policy
Succession management