Effective Manager

The effective manager is a program through which 24 essential managerial skills are explored by the participants in twelve one day workshops over a period of six months/one year. The program design incorporates all the aspects of adult learning to include experiential learning methodology. The program is so designed so as to cover two essential skills per day and each workshop is separated by 15/30 days.
Each skill is covered in a half day session and the post workshop assignments invite the participants to implement the learning of the workshop at their workplace, reflect on what was the result of that implementation and record it for sharing with other participants in the subsequent workshop. The skills which are covered in this program are:
Effective communication | Interpersonal effectiveness | Emotional intelligence |Conflict management
Problem solving | Decision making |Goal setting | Managing performance | Planning and preparation
Giving and receiving feedback| Team work and collaboration | Building a winning team| Delegation
Manager as a coach | Running effective meetings | Time management |Motivation |
Team engagement | Persuasion and influence | Negotiation skills | Managing customers
Essence of leadership | Situational leadership | Business acumen |