Flexi HR


1. In todays fast changing business environment, human capital of an organization is one of critical factors which provides competitive advantage. Most organizations desire that its HR processes area ligned to the organizational vision and mission. It is also desired that the people development initiatives support the future growth plans of the organizations.

2. Most CEOs/MDs of mid sized organizations today understand the importance of developing their people and are keen to invest in them,however, they are constrained by the lack of quality HR advice as they are not able to afford an experienced HR head who is has the requisite knowledge and understanding to drive these initiatives in the organization. Even if the organization can afford the compensation of the HR head, there is not enough work to keep the HR head engaged full time.

3. Some of the challenges faced by mid sized organizations from a people perspective are :

  • Need for the organisation to have contemporary HR practices to ensure ability to attract and retain the best talent.
  • True for all organisations but more so for the ones in the service industry where the quality of talent is the source of competitive advantage.
  • Mid sized companies are competing for critical talent with large organisations with well established HR practices and processes. Unless they are able to match these practices their ability to attract and retain critical talent will be low.
  • Contemporary HR practices ensure higher productivity ,more engaged employees and higher employee satisfaction.

4. To help mid sized organizations get quality HR support and advise, the services of a senior HR professional who has held leadership positions in a number of organizations, can be provided for a number of days per month based on the need of the organization. The flexi HR head can provide the advice to the senior leadership on strategic HR aspects, redesign/set up HR processes and structures to support organization vision and mission and lead and mentor the junior HR team. Few of the aspects which the HR head can support are:

  • Understand the organisation’s vision and mission and design the HR processes and structures to align with the vision and mission .
  • Facilitate goal and KRA setting for all critical roles and supervisors .
  • Help in designing aligned competency framework, performance management systems, compensation and benefits and Learning and development framework with the support of external vendors.
  • Help HR teams in designing appropriate JDs , set up recruitment processes and other HR policiesand structures.
  • Train and mentor the existing HR staff to run the HR department on a day to day basis.